Bhartiyamedia : Rear Seat Occupants Not Wearing Seatbelts to be Penalised


Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister for Road, Transport & Highways, Union Government has said that rear seat occupants not wearing a seat belt will be penalised. A notification in this regard will be released in the next three days.

Gadkari further stated that the highest number of people dying in road accidents in India belong to the age group of 18-34 years. “Reducing road accidents is the only area where I did not get success in the last 8 years,” said Gadkari.

“In next three days we will notify that if one doesn’t wear seat belt sitting on the rear seat in a car, then he or she will be penalised. Because of Cyrus Mistry Accident, I have decided that in rear seat there will be alarm for seat belt like it is for driver seat. There will be penalty for not wearing seatbelt in rear seats in cars,” said Nitin Gadkari to Business Standard.

Seat-belt reminder system for rear seats will also be introduced in cars and SUVs. The wearing of seat belts by rear seat passengers will imply that from now on all the occupants in the cars and SUVs will have to wear seatbelts, else a fine will be imposed.

The Minister also suggested a solution to the rising levels of sound pollution by replacing the car horns with the sound of Indian musical instruments. “To reduce sound pollution, my idea is to replace the sound of car horns with sound from Indian instruments,” added Gadkari.

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Gadkari also said that the government is also contemplating introduction of electric buses on a mass scale in multiple cities. “The cost of running a diesel bus is Rs 150/km. Meanwhile, for electric buses, running an AC bus costs Rs 80/km and non AC bus costs Rs 49/km,” concluded Gadkari.

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