Joe Biden’s Diplomatic Agenda at G20 Summit

Joe Biden’s Diplomatic Agenda at G20 Summit
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Joe Biden’s Multilateral Vision: G20 Summit’s Role in Addressing Global Challenges

Throughout his presidency, Joe Biden has consistently advocated for diplomacy and multilateralism as critical tools to counter the rise of autocracy. The United States’ commitment to the G20 remains unwavering, with the hope that this summit will demonstrate the world’s major economies’ ability to collaborate even in challenging times, according to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

The Group of 20 (G20) represents a significant portion of the world’s economic power, with 85% of global GDP, 75% of international trade, and two-thirds of the world’s population. President Biden’s agenda at the summit includes addressing Russia’s war in Ukraine, climate change, economic matters, and supporting developing countries.

Joe Biden Forges Ahead at G20 Despite Challenges and Key Leader Absences

Joe Biden’s attendance at the event faced a potential setback when First Lady Jill Biden tested positive for Covid-19 over the Labor Day weekend. However, he will continue his journey to Hanoi, Vietnam, before heading to Alaska to commemorate the 9/11 attacks.

Notably, the leaders of two influential G20 members, Russia and China, will be absent from the summit. Russian President Vladimir Putin is skipping the event for the second consecutive year, as is Chinese President Xi Jinping. Both leaders will be represented by other officials. Xi’s absence marks the first time a Chinese president has missed a G20 summit since its inception in 2008, although he participated virtually during the pandemic. While Joe Biden expressed disappointment in Xi’s decision, he hinted at another meeting, without providing details. Xi did attend the BRICS summit in South Africa last month.

Key Absences and Diplomatic Challenges at G20: Joe Biden’s Push for Peace

The decision behind Xi’s absence remains undisclosed, but tensions between India and China, stemming from a 2020 border incident in the Himalayas that resulted in casualties, might be a contributing factor.

Putin’s absence is linked to an International Criminal Court arrest warrant issued against him in March for alleged war crimes in Ukraine. Despite the lack of Russia’s leadership at the summit, the country’s invasion of Ukraine will likely dominate discussions. Last year, the G20 struggled to reach a consensus on a joint statement condemning the war with cautious language, particularly with Xi’s non-participation. Failure to reach an agreement would be a first for the group.

Sullivan emphasized that President Biden will once again call for a peaceful resolution to the Ukraine conflict, highlighting the devastating social and economic consequences of Russia’s actions, particularly for the world’s poorest nations. Biden will advocate for a just and lasting peace, founded on respect for international law.

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