G20 Grants African Union Permanent Membership, Boosting Global South Influence

G20 Grants African Union Permanent Membership, Boosting Global South Influence
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G20 Grants African Union Permanent Membership, Paving the Way for Global Influence

The Group of Twenty (G20) has reached a significant decision to grant permanent membership status to the African Union (AU). This is a move expected to be officially announced during the upcoming G20 summit in India. According to undisclosed sources cited by a media house, this decision will elevate the AU. AU consists of 55 member states, from its current status as an “invited international organization” to a position parallel to that of the European Union (EU).


This development is part of a broader initiative to empower African nations. This empowerment will play a more influential role in addressing pressing global issues. The issues will include climate change and debt markets. It comes at a time when emerging markets in the so-called Global South are assuming increasingly prominent roles in international affairs.

Leaders’ Advocacy:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has placed a high priority on granting full membership to the African Union. Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni was also among those advocating for AU membership during the G7 summit held in Japan earlier this year.

EU’s Strategic Engagement:

Reports suggest that the European Union intends to leverage the absence of leaders like Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit.  It will enhance its engagement with countries in the Global South. This signals a strategic shift toward strengthening ties with emerging economies and regions.

The G20’s Significance:

Established in 1999, the G20 serves as an international organization comprising the world’s 19 largest economies and the European Union. Its core objectives include discussions on global economic issues, financial stability, macroeconomic coordination, and the development of recommendations to promote sustainable growth and development.

Global South’s Ascendancy:

As markets in the Global South gain increasing prominence in international affairs, the decision to grant permanent membership to the African Union reflects the evolving global landscape. It acknowledges the imperative of a more inclusive and representative platform for addressing complex global challenges.

Putin’s Absence:

It is noteworthy that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s non-attendance at the G20 summit is linked to an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court concerning the abduction of Ukrainian children. This absence underscores the importance of addressing international legal matters within the context of global diplomacy.


The G20’s decision to grant permanent membership status to the African Union underscores a commitment to enhancing the representation of African nations. This will empower the Global South in global decision-making processes. It reflects a determination to foster a more inclusive and equitable world order. A world where diverse voices are considered and contribute to shaping our shared future.

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