Adhik maas in Hindu Sanatan Dharma

Adhik maas in Hindu Sanatan Dharma
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What is Adhik maas ?

Adhik Maas in hindu sanatan dharma (Sanskrit: अधिकमास) is an extra month in the Hindu calendar. It is also called as Mal Maas or Purushottama Maas. Adhik Maas is put in every three years to keep the lunar and solar calendars in sync.

The lunar year is based upon the cycles of the moon, which is about 354 days long. The solar year is based on the cycles of the sun, which is about 365 days long. With time, the lunar year will drift away from the solar year. In order to keep the two calendars in sync, an extra month is added every three years.

Adhik Maas in Hinduism santan dharma is not considered to be a very auspicious month. Many people believe that it is a time of misfortune and that any kind of important event should be avoided during this time. However, some believe that Adhik Maas is a time for spiritual introspection and purification.

During Adhik Maas, many hindu people perform religious rituals, such as fasting, chanting mantras, and visiting temples, and some people also choose to abstain from certain activities, such as gambling, consuming alcohol, and meat-eating.

The exact date of Adhik Maas varies from year to year. In 2023, Adhik Maas will begin on July 18 and end on August 16.

Adhik maas in hindu sanatan dharam people perform various practices like

  1. Fasting : It is done in order to appease the deities, acquiring desired health/ wealth, and to get blessings during difficult time
  2. Chanting mantras : chanting mantras to please lord Vishnu , in Hinduism he is believed as the Lord of Adhik maas
  3. Visiting temples: people visit temples to worship gods and ask for protection from all kinds bad energies and also people ask Lord to forgive their sins .
  4. Reading religious texts : in order to learn and and apply the learnings of religious text in real world to become a better person and purify their soul
  5. Performing pujas (rituals)
  6. Giving to charity : giving money , food or shelter and helping the ones in need .

Avoiding activities such as , such as gambling, alcohol consumption, and meat-eating , also tend to control their behavior that is avoiding feeling of greed , anger , jealousy , lust etc .

Adhik Maas is a time for introspection and purification. It is a time to reflect on one’s life and to make changes for the better. It is also a time to connect with God and to seek his blessings.


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