BJP is Facing Boycott Calls in Haryana

BJP is Facing Boycott Calls in Haryana
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Why the BJP is Facing En Masse Resignations and Boycott Calls in Haryana

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is facing a major crisis Boycott Calls in Haryana, with dozens of party members resigning and calling for a boycott of the party. The crisis stems from a recent flare-up between the Gujjar and Rajput communities in the state.

The Gujjar community erected a statue of the 9th century ruler Mihir Bhoj in Kaithal district on July 19, which began the trouble. The Gujjar community considers Mihir Bhoj to be their ancestor. However, the Rajput community objected to the statue, claiming that Mihir Bhoj was a Rajput ruler.

The dispute escalated quickly, as members of the two communities clashed in the streets. The police were called to control the situation, and several people were injured in the clashes that followed. The BJP failed to handle the recent flare-up between the Gujjar and Rajput communities in Haryana effectively.

The BJP deliberately allowed the dispute to escalate in order to divide the two communities, some party members allege.

The allegations against the BJP are serious, and the party needs to do more to address them.The BJP must show its commitment to resolving the crisis and its lack of intent to divide the Gujjar and Rajput communities. The party needs to take the allegations against it seriously and take steps to address them.

In response to the crisis, dozens of BJP members have resigned from the party. They have also called for a boycott of the party, and have demanded that Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar resign.

The BJP is facing a major challenge in Boycott Calls in Haryana. The party needs to find a way to defuse the tension between the Gujjar and Rajput communities, and it needs to do so quickly. If the BJP is unable to resolve the crisis, it could face serious electoral consequences in the state.

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