Chaturmas and Jain dharma

Chaturmas and Jain dharma
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Chaturmas and Jain dharma , in the Jain dharma Chaturmas is a four-month period in the Jain calendar that begins on the day of Shayani Ekadashi, now if you wonder what is Shayani Ekadashi marks the day when god takes yogic nidra  (yogic or psychic sleep). This marks the end of the day of prabodhini ekadashi. It is a time for spiritual introspection, meditation and self-purification.

In Jainism, Chaturmas is also known as Varsha(rain) Yog, or the “rainy season retreat.” This is because Jain monks and nuns traditionally spend this time in one place, rather than traveling like they do during the rest of the year. This is done in order to avoid harming any small creatures that may be disturbed by their movements.

In Astrology, Chaturmas is considered to be a favorable time for certain activities, such as

  • Fasting: Many Jains fast on certain days during Chaturmas. This involve abstaining from all food and drink, or from certain types of food, such as grains.
  • Meditation: Chaturmas is a time for deep meditation. Jains may spend many hours each day in meditation, seeking to achieve a higher state of consciousness.
  • Study: Chaturmas is also a time for study and learning. Jains may read religious texts, attend lectures, or discuss spiritual matters with their teachers or fellow practitioners.
  • Service: Chaturmas is also a time for service to others. Jains may volunteer their time to help those in need, or donate money to charitable causes.
  • Chaturmas is a sacred time for Jains, and it is a time to focus on spiritual growth and purification.

This year 2023 Chaturmas will begin on 30 June and will end on 23 November 2023

Here is how to perform the chaturmas puja

The following are the steps involved in performing Chaturmas puja in Jainism:

The puja can be performed at home or at a temple.

Prepare the altar. Start by preparing the altar, it should be clean and free of clutter. Place a picture or statue of Tirthankara on the altar. You may also want to place other items on the altar, such as a lamp, flowers, and incense.

  1. Take a bath. Before you begin the puja, it is important to take a bath and wear clean clothes.
  2. Offer prayers. Begin the puja by offering prayers to Tirthankara. You may recite a mantra or prayer that you know, or you may find a prayer online or in a book.
  3. Light a lamp. Light a lamp on the altar to symbolize the presence of the divine.
  4. Offer flowers.
  5. Offer flowers to Tirthankara as a symbol of your devotion.
  6. Burn incense. Burn incense to create a sacred atmosphere.
  7. Sit in a comfortable position and meditate on Tirthankara. Focus on your breath and clear your mind of thoughts.
  8. Make a donation. Make a donation to a charity or temple as a way to give back to the community.
  9. End the puja. End the puja by thanking Tirthankara for his blessings.

Chaturmas puja in Jainism is a simple but very powerful ritual that can help you to connect with Tirthankara and to improve your spiritual well-being.

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