Conspiracy Theories Surround Jill Biden’s COVID-19 Infection Amid Rising Cases

Conspiracy Theories Surround Jill Biden’s COVID-19 Infection Amid Rising Cases
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Conspiracy Theories Swirl Around Jill Biden’s COVID-19 Diagnosis Amid Calls for Pandemic Restrictions

In recent days, online conspiracy theories have surfaced. These are suggesting that the announcement of Jill Biden’s COVID-19 infection may be part of a broader plan to reintroduce pandemic restrictions.  This can include mask mandates. On Monday evening, officials confirmed that the First Lady, who is 72 years old, had tested positive for the virus. She is currently experiencing only mild symptoms. Hence will be staying at the family’s Delaware beach house while she recovers.

President Joe Biden aged 80, tested negative.  But will he will continue to be monitored.  His upcoming travel plans to India for a G20 summit and a diplomatic visit to Vietnam hang in the balance.

The timing of the First Lady’s infection coincides with a surge in COVID-19 cases in the U.S. This is driven by the emergence of new variants of the virus. This has led to speculation that new COVID restrictions may be on the horizon.

CDC Reports Rise in COVID-19 Hospitalizations, Fuels Speculation on Mask Mandates

Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates over 15,000 hospitalizations due to COVID-19 infections. In  the week ending August 19, a nearly 19 percent increase from the previous week. But admissions have been steadily rising since July. It is important to note that they have remained below the highest peaks of the pandemic and have been concentrated in hotspots.

The CDC has not currently called for a return of mandated mask-wearing but has not ruled out the possibility if cases of the new variants increase significantly.

Conspiracy Theories: Speculation Surrounding Mask Mandates and Vaccination

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones previously predicted mask mandates returning by December. However, there is currently no evidence to support this claim. Both the Transportation Security Administration and CDC have refuted such suggestions as baseless.

Some individuals on social media have speculated that Jill Biden’s positive test is part of a plan to push for lockdowns. Others have raised questions about why she contracted the virus despite having been vaccinated and receiving booster shots.

It’s important to note that vaccines primarily enhance the body’s ability to combat infections rather than preventing infections outright. Mask mandates have become a divisive issue, with some viewing them as infringing on personal liberties and others as a necessary measure to curb the virus’s spread.

While scientific opinions on mask efficacy vary, many experts agree that when used alongside other measures like handwashing, social distancing, and vaccination, masks contribute to reducing virus transmission.

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