Gehlot vs. Modi

Gehlot vs. Modi
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Gehlot’s Speech Cancelled by PMO Ahead of Modi’s Visit to Sikar

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot vs. Modi on Thursday alleged that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) had cancelled his speech at an event in Sikar where Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to inaugurate various development projects.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) removed Ashok Gehlot’s three-minute speech from the program for the inauguration of various development projects in Sikar . Ashok Gehlot was deeply disappointed because he had planned to use his speech to raise important issues affecting the people of Rajasthan.  Furthermore, he felt that the PMO was trying to silence him and prevent him from raising important issues .The cancellation of Gehlot vs. Modi speech has sparked a political row between the Congress party and the BJP. The BJP denied the Congress party’s allegations that it was trying to silence the opposition, and said that the PMO had removed the Congress party’s speech on “technical grounds.”

The Congress party in Rajasthan saw the cancellation of Gehlot’s speech as a major setback, as it was facing a tough challenge from the BJP in the upcoming assembly elections.Gehlot saw the event in Sikar as an opportunity to connect with the people of the state and to highlight the Congress’s achievements in government.

The cancellation of Gehlot’s speech has also raised questions about the PMO’s interference in state matters. The PMO is responsible for coordinating the Prime Minister’s engagements, but it is not clear why it would have the authority to cancel a speech by a state chief minister.

The incident in Sikar is a reminder of the growing political tensions between the Congress and the BJP in Rajasthan.


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