Here’s Your Guide to Social Media for Small Businesses

Here’s Your Guide to Social Media for Small Businesses
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Here’s Your Guide to Social Media for Small Businesses

If your small business isn’t on social media yet, it should be. While it might not seem like social media has much to offer your small business, it can actually allow you to reach a worldwide audience with your products and services. It can help you boost your reputation in your local area, too. 

Of course, promoting your business on social media isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time to create content that will offer something of value to your users – and that’s not even all there is to it. You have to respond to comments quickly, answer messages, deal with disgruntled customers, and take advantage of trending hashtags or other social media trends. But the payoff is that you get to increase brand awareness, boost your online presence, and increase your customer base online and in person. Use these tips to promote your small business on social media.

Schedule Your Posts Using a Content Calendar

Managing social media profiles for your business can be a big job – not only do you have to produce content regularly, you have to respond to comments, answer direct messages, and keep users engaged. You need to schedule content ahead of time using a content calendar, especially if you’re running more than one social media profile, as many companies do in order to reach their potential customers where they are. 

A content calendar will help you know what to post about in advance, so you’re not rushing to always do everything at the last minute, and you’ll be able to schedule posts to coincide with special events, holidays, and seasons. If you struggle with generating content for your social media feeds, you can use a Phoenix SEO agency to help you not only generate social media content, but also coordinate your posting schedule.

Promote Your Social Media Profiles Online and Off

You should cross promote your social media profiles on each other – so, for example, linking to your Facebook on your Instagram and vice versa. You should also promote your social media profiles offline. Have the relevant social media logos printed on your promotional materials and invite customers in your brick-and-mortar location to find you online.

Encourage Your Users to Make Their Own Content About Your Brand

User-generated content is great advertising that you don’t even have to create yourself. Encourage your social media followers to post what they like about your brand and products, using hashtags and tagging your business page in the post. Encourage them to post visual content like videos and photos about your brand, too. The more your customers post about your brand online, the more visibility you’ll get for your business.

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Keep Your Branding Consistent

Your social media profiles are part of your brand, so it’s important to keep that branding consistent across all your social media channels and, of course, with what you’ve cultivated in real life. Your tone might shift from one platform to another, depending on the constraints and affordances of the service. However, the brand should remain recognizably yours on every channel. 

Harness the Customer Service Potential of Your Social Media Profiles

Social media has great potential as a conduit for customer service. Many people will turn to social media first when they want to make contact with your business to ask a question or make a complaint. You can use the opportunity to engage with these people to show everyone on your social media page your commitment to customer service. Respond quickly and professionally to negative comments and complaints, always offering to move the discussion to your private messages. Answer questions and engage with users who are expressing enthusiasm about your brands.

Offer Social-Only Promotions

Customers will hurry to follow you on social media if there’s something in it for them. Offer promotions, sales, and giveaways that only your social media followers can participate in. You can create promotional campaigns to target users who haven’t made a purchase yet. You can encourage users to post content about the products they receive through social media promotions, generating even more buzz about your brand. Giveaways and promotions also foster interaction between followers on your site, which can improve your profile’s visibility. 

Every small business should be on social media – it’s where your customers want to find you! You can use social media to bring in new customers, provide customer service, and promote your brand. Best of all, you can get started building your social media presence for free!

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