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Aries : Today’s events will be dominated by lots of friends. Life will seem to you to be a huge party, even if it is just tea that you are having together. However, Ganesha suggests that you set aside the evening for a special friend.

Taurus : Prepare yourself to handle ordinary situations in an extraordinary way, foretells Ganesha. Today, you will get a lesson in how people work. Before arriving at any crucial decision, explore the pros and cons with a balanced mind, says Ganesha.

Gemini : There is every possibility that you will keep your partner in the loop while making important decisions today, predicts Ganesha. And this will prevent a grave misunderstanding. Later in the day, you will benefit from the insights of your soul mate. You will tend to be a little bit on the spiritual side today.

Cancer : The first half of the day may leave you a little flummoxed. You may get discouraged when thing are not going your way, predicts Ganesha. But your subconscious mind knows how to handle such situations. You will take a break from the rat race, and take a detour to your home. You may even pack your bags and take your partner to a faraway sojourn.

Leo : You need to keep your temper in check today. Your mood swings will leave you irritated, especially in the morning. You will be busy dealing with a lot of issues today, and this will add to your tensions. However, you will find the solution to all your problems within a day or two, says Ganesha.

Virgo : You might spend most of your day at the table today, planning and mapping your future. Keep your partner in the loop while making important decisions. Take the approval of your family as and when required so that no misunderstanding creeps up in the days to come. You will be surprised at the advice you get from your partner and loved ones, says Ganesha.

Libra : Today, you touch a new high when it comes to self-reliance. The pledges and promises you make may tend to perplex people at your workplace. Afternoon may see you taking on other people’s responsibilities as well. Your vigour reaches its highest point in the evening, expects Ganesha.

Scorpio : It seems like a fruitful day in business, and to deal in money matters, foresees Ganesha. On the career front, you may be occupied with important meetings. Things will work out for you if you manage to strike a balance between your ideas and implementation. Heavy expenditure may be on the cards as you feel tempted to buy jewellery for your beloved, says Ganesha.

Sagittarius : Time is something that once spent can never be earned back, says Ganesha. The importance of time will dawn upon you today as you undertake the massive challenge of organising your life and planning your goals. At the workplace, you will put in a lot of effort, but may fall short of reaching a level that is expected of you.

Capricorn : The day bodes well, especially for public servants. An impending business transaction with the government will keep you busy, and suggestions from friends and peers may prove beneficial, says Ganesha. Professionals, however, need to be more proactive, as their expertise will be tested.

Aquarius : Fortune is mighty pleased with you, so go ahead and play roulette if you wish! Partnerships will work today, as will business deals. But somewhere, a dark sentiment may cloud your thinking. Ganesha says that you should enjoy yourself and take life a bit lightly.

Pisces : Your peers will be the cause of a few confrontations today. Legal disputes may also arise. Take the advice of your elders to resolve these conflicts. Meditative techniques will help restore your calm, says Ganesha.


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