Mother Dairy introduces a new campaign, #50YearsAndCounting, for its Golden Jubilee Year

Mother Dairy introduces a new campaign, #50YearsAndCounting, for its Golden Jubilee Year
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Mother Dairy introduces a new campaign, #50YearsAndCounting, for its Golden Jubilee Year

Delhiites may reminisce about the days when they used to take morning walks to Mother Dairy Booths and refill their milk containers using a token. 

Delhi is the birthplace of Mother Dairy. Mother Dairy, the National Dairy Development Board’s wholly owned subsidiary, took its initial steps during the White Revolution — an initiative aimed at making India a milk-sufficient nation. Today, ‘Mother Dairy’ is not just known for milk but is also a brand for its value-added milk products, its horticulture brand Safal and its edible oils brand Dhara. The brand is celebrating its 50th year by expressing gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this journey – including farmers, consumers, concessionaires, and employees. 

The celebration began with three teaser posts, forming a series labeled #50YearsAndCounting on the Instagram grid.

Pre-Launch posts:



An infinity zoom video, narrated by renowned Actor Vijay Raaz, the launch video for #50YearsAndCounting, unfolds many pages that the brand has penned down with the help of its custodians over the past 50 years. The subsequent frame pays homage to the dedicated individuals who have played important roles in building the brand’s growth. The narrative also captures memories of joy, togetherness, and festive moments cultivated through its diverse product portfolio.


In collaboration with The Times of India, Mother Dairy also captured its 50-year journey through the eyes of The Common Man. The front-page print ad took a nostalgic trip down memory lane, reminding many Indians of its significant contributions.


 Featuring a digital touch, the advertisement includes a QR code that, when scanned, guides viewers to the Infinity Zoom video narrated by Vijay Raaz.

Taking to the roads of Delhi once again, the brand integrated the Mother Dairy Token with CGI support.

The celebration continued on Twitter, trending for many hours, and brands Yatra and India Gate Foods joined in the celebration.

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