Raghav Chadha asks On “Forgery” Rowz

Raghav Chadha asks On “Forgery” Rowz
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Raghav Chadha asks, “Can I be charged with forgery if I organize a birthday party and some people don’t come?”

A am Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Raghav Chadha has hit back at the BJP’s allegations of forgery in the Delhi Services Bill, using a birthday party analogy to drive home his point.

Chadha accused the BJP of trying to create a controversy out of nothing. He said that the committee had proposed the MPs without requiring them to sign anything. The MPs were not tricked or coerced into signing anything, so there was no forgery involved. Chadha also pointed out that the BJP had not provided any evidence to support its claims of forgery. He concluded by saying that the BJP was simply trying to distract from its own failures.

To illustrate his point, he then gave the example of a birthday party he had recently thrown. The 10 people, and 8 of them had attended. It has explained that he had simply sent out invitations, and the guests were free to accept or decline. He did not force or coerce anyone to attend, and he did not falsify any information on the invitations. He argued that the situation he was facing was analogous to the birthday party example, and that some people had chosen not to believe him, so he should not be accused of forgery.

Many on social media have praised the analogy. They say that it is a simple and effective way to explain the forgery row in a way that everyone can understand.

The BJP, however, has dismissed Chadha’s analogy. They say that the Delhi Services Bill is a serious matter, and that Chadha’s attempt to trivialize it is insulting.

The forgery row is likely to continue for some time.The BJP will have to decide whether Chadha’s analogy is enough to convince them of his innocence.

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