Pak Actress, Ayesha Omar Reveals Her Marriage Plans, The 42-Year-Old Says, ‘Shaadi Ka Plan Hai Ab’

Pak Actress, Ayesha Omar Reveals Her Marriage Plans, The 42-Year-Old Says, ‘Shaadi Ka Plan Hai Ab’
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Pak Actress, Ayesha Omar Reveals Her Marriage Plans, The 42-Year-Old Says, ‘Shaadi Ka Plan Hai Ab’

Pak Actress, Ayesha Omar Reveals Her Marriage Plans, The 42-Year-Old Says, 'Shaadi Ka Plan Hai Ab'

Ayesha Omar is hands down one of the best actresses from Pakistan. The 42-year-old diva is known for her unfiltered and strong opinions and never shies away from speaking her mind. Ayesha has starred in some of the most popular dramas and movies from Lollywood, and she also has a YouTube channel of her own with around 174K subscribers. 

She is one of the highest-paid actresses in the country and is also considered a style icon for her incredible sartorial choices. Recently, the Pakistani diva joined Adnan Faisal on his podcast, and the two talked about the actress’s personal life, where she disclosed that she is now ready to get married as she wants to have kids. 

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Ayesha Omar is planning to get married in the near future

The host of the podcast, Adnan Faisal, introduced the Pakistani diva, Ayesha Omar as an actress, model, host, singer, and businesswoman. For the unversed, she has recently launched her clothing line, Ayesha Omar Style Studio. During the conversation on the podcast, the 42-year-old actress revealed that she is now ready to tie the knot when the host asked, “Shaadi ka kya plan hai aapka?” Ayesha said:

“Shaadi ka plan hai ab, because now I want to be a mother, I am ready. Maine apne aap ko heal kar liya hai pichle 3-4 saalon mein.”

Ayesha Omar revealed that she has been getting ‘vibes’ from somebody

In order to get more information regarding her marriage plans, Adnan asked Ayesha if there was a situation in her life at present that made her think of marriage. The actress wittily said when you are internally ready to take the next step, God opens all the doors. Further, the host asked, “Vibes aa rahi hai kahi se?” To which the actress said:

“Vibes aa rahi hai.”

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For the unversed, there has been a lot of speculation about the separation of Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik and Indian tennis star, Sania Mirza for the past several months. And the reason behind their alleged divorce is said to be the cricketer’s closeness with the Pakistani actress, Ayesha Omar. The reason why Ayesha’s name keeps coming up is also because of her bold photoshoot with Shoaib Malik.

Ayesha Omar disclosed that she does not feel safe in Pakistan anymore

During their conversation, Ayesha Omar also spoke about the safety of women in Pakistan. She said that she does not feel safe in Pakistan anymore. Ayesha further emphasised her wish to walk freely on the roads without being anxious about anyone or anything. She further added:

“I don’t feel safe here. I want to be able to walk on the road. It’s a basic human need to be able to walk outside in the open air. All these women in your office, can you guys walk on the street? Isn’t that sad? I don’t want to sit in a car. I want to cycle. Why can’t I ride a bike?”

Ayesha further highlighted that Pakistani men would never understand the plight of the women in the country. She added that only men with daughters and other female members at home would understand their situation. Ayesha also recalled a time when she had to face harassment during her childhood. She revealed that her neighbour’s cook had touched her at inappropriate places on her body. She even mentioned that she does not feel safe even in posh places.

What do you think of the revelations made by Ayesha Omar?

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Pic courtesy: Ayesha Omar’s IG

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