‘Retired Pakistani Soldiers Among Terrorists Killed In Rajouri Encounter’: Top Army Commander Vows To ‘Wipe Out Terrorism From J&K In 1 Year’ | Jammu and Kashmir News

‘Retired Pakistani Soldiers Among Terrorists Killed In Rajouri Encounter’: Top Army Commander Vows To ‘Wipe Out Terrorism From J&K In 1 Year’ | Jammu and Kashmir News
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Jammu: Signalling a major crackdown against terror groups, Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi, the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Northern Command, on Friday made a big disclosure that some of the terrorists infiltrating into India from across the border and eliminated in anti-terror operations are ”retired Pakistani soldiers.” 

Lt Gen Dwivedi also vowed to eliminate terrorism from Jammu and Kashmir within one year. Addressing the media after honouring five fallen soldiers, including two Army Captains, who lost their lives in the Rajouri firefight, Lt Gen Dwivedi revealed critical insights about the ongoing anti-terror operations in J&K.

Despite the tragic loss of five soldiers, the operation resulted in the elimination of two notorious terrorists. The Northern Command Chief saluted the bravery and commitment of the troops in confronting well-trained foreign terrorists.



Big Blow To Terror Ecosystem In J&K

The operation, targeting terrorists responsible for civilian killings in Dangri, Kandi, and Rajouri, dealt a significant blow to the terror ecosystem and Pakistan. Lt Gen Dwivedi highlighted the ongoing threat, estimating that 20-25 terrorists could still be operating in the region. However, with the cooperation of locals, he expressed confidence in controlling the situation within a year.

Detailing the training and the origins of the terrorists, Lt Gen Dwivedi acknowledged their expertise acquired in various countries, including Pakistan and Afghanistan. The high level of training poses a challenge, but the Indian forces are determined to finish them. The commitment of soldiers, like Lance Naik Sanjay Bisht, who pledged to eliminate the terrorists within a week, exemplifies the unwavering resolve of the forces, he added.

Strategic Focus On Poonch

Lt Gen Dwivedi emphasized the strategic significance of Poonch, connected to the rest of the country through a highway, making it a potential hotspot for terrorist activities. The region has witnessed a loss of civilian lives to terrorism in the past year. The Northern Command Chief urged heightened vigilance, revealing information about terrorist hideouts obtained from local sources.

Rajouri Encounter

The intense firefight between terrorists and a joint team of the Army and Jammu and Kashmir Police occurred in the Bajimaal area of Dharamsala. Despite five casualties on the Indian side, two terrorists, including a top LeT commander and a sniper named Quari, were neutralized. The recovery of ‘War Like Stores’ from the encounter site indicated the evil design and the scale of slain terrorists.

Quari, the eliminated terrorist, was identified as a top LeT commander responsible for orchestrating several attacks, including the Dangri incident and the Kandi attacks in Rajouri’s Poonch areas. The army official stated that Quari’s elimination marked a significant setback to the revival of terrorism in these districts.

Wreath-Laying Ceremony For Fallen Heroes

Meanwhile, a sombre wreath-laying ceremony was held for the fallen soldiers, including Captain M V Pranjal, Captain Shubham Gupta, Lance Naik Sanjay Bisht, and Paratrooper Sachin Laur. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha, along with senior officials, bid a tearful farewell to them in Jammu. Havildar Abdul Majid, a resident of Poonch, will be honoured in a similar ceremony later in the day. In poignant scenes from the wreath-laying ceremony, army officers and soldiers were seen paying their last respects to their fallen comrades, underscoring the gravity of the sacrifices made in the fight against terrorism.

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