RPF Constable’s Shooting Spree Kills 4

RPF Constable’s Shooting Spree Kills 4
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RPF Constable Shoots Dead Four Onboard Jaipur-Mumbai Express

A RPF Constable’s Shooting dead four people on board the Jaipur-Mumbai Express on Monday morning. The incident took place in the B5 coach of the train while it was running between Bhayander and Mira Road stations in Maharashtra.

The deceased include two passengers, an RPF Constable’s Shooting assistant sub-inspector (ASI), and a pantry car worker. The constable, who has been identified as Chetan Kumar Choudhary, was also arrested by the Government Railway Police (GRP).

According to the GRP, Choudhary opened fire on his senior, ASI Tika Ram Meena, at around 5:23am. He then went on to shoot three other passengers, two of whom were sleeping in their seats. The fourth victim was a pantry car worker who was trying to intervene.

After the shooting, Choudhary tried to escape from the train but was later nabbed by the GRP near Dahisar station. He was carrying an automatic weapon at the time of his arrest.

The GRP is currently investigating the motive behind the shooting. However, they believe that Choudhary may have been suffering from a mental health condition.

This is the second time in recent months that a railway employee has opened fire on passengers. In May 2023, a Central Railway ticket checker shot dead a passenger in Mumbai.

The shooting on the Jaipur-Mumbai Express has raised concerns about security on Indian railways. The railways are one of the most popular modes of transportation in India, and they carry millions of passengers every day.

The GRP has assured the public that they are taking steps to improve security on the railways. They have increased the number of patrolling officers and are also installing CCTV cameras in trains and stations.

The shooting on the Jaipur-Mumbai Express is a tragic incident that has claimed the lives of four innocent people. It is important to remember that mental health is a serious issue, and that people who are struggling with mental health problems should seek help.

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