Sharanabasappa Shirol joins Buzzworks India as Group CDO

Sharanabasappa Shirol joins Buzzworks India as Group CDO
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Sharanabasappa Shirol joins Buzzworks India as Group CDO

Buzzworks in India and Innovations Group in the UAE announced Sharanabasappa S Shirol as the Group Chief Digital Officer. In this strategic leadership role, Shirol will play a crucial part in developing and executing Buzzworks’ digital strategy on both national and international levels.

In his new role, Shirol aims to position Buzzworks at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. By utilizing data-driven insights and innovative technology, his focus is on improving the experience for associates and providing exceptional talent solutions to Buzzworks’ clients.

With ambitious objectives in mind, Shirol intends to work closely with clients to grasp their changing needs for skilled professionals. He is dedicated to offering customized solutions that strengthen client partnerships through the incorporation of innovative digital methods. Through the application of analytics, Shirol plans to improve the recruitment process, contributing to the growth of Buzzworks and achieving the best possible outcomes. His steadfast commitment to making decisions based on data serves as a key motivator in his role.

V.C. Karthic, Founder, Buzzworks Business Services Pvt. Ltd, quoted: “I extend a warm welcome to Sharanabasappa as he takes on the pivotal role of Group Chief Digital Officer for Buzzworks. His wealth of experience and visionary approach align seamlessly with our commitment to innovation and excellence. We congratulate Sharanabasappa on this appointment and look forward to achieving new heights together in the dynamic landscape of digital transformation.”

Expressing his enthusiasm for the new position, Shirol stated, “I am looking forward to implementing the industry’s best technology solutions to help Buzzworks stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field. By harnessing the power of digital innovation, we will provide our clients with unprecedented talent solutions tailored to their specific requirements.”

Shirol’s extensive experience will bolster the company’s credibility in the hiring and staffing industry. His involvement is expected to elevate brand visibility and underscore its commitment to delivering outstanding solutions.