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Putin’s army is facing a morale crisis, which could lead to Ukraine being counteroffensive.

Ukraine’s army has been making progress in the east, despite facing stiff resistance from Russian forces. The use of mines has been a major obstacle for Ukraine, but the country has received some de-mining equipment from Western allies.

Ukraine is also using its growing advantage in precision artillery to take out Russian batteries. This, along with the strikes on rear areas, has led to falling morale among Russian front-line units.

The ISW said that Russian morale is “demonstrably degraded” and that this could threaten the stability of Russian defenses. They argued that collapsing morale could spread quickly and cause panic among Russian units.


A lack of reserves has also been a problem for Russian commanders. Alexander Khodakovsky, a Russian battalion commander, said that he was not getting reserve troops to stem a mounting disaster.

Germany is reportedly preparing to send 400 Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, which could give the country’s stock of precision long-range artillery weapons a huge boost.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive against Russia is believed to have begun in early June, but the exact date is unknown.

The Ukrainian military has not released any official information about the start of the counteroffensive, but Western officials and analysts believe it began around the same time as the Russian offensive in the Donbas region.

Ukrainian forces have focused their counteroffensive on the south of Ukraine, where they have been trying to retake territory that was captured by Russia early in the war.

Zelensky’s forces are said to be having particular trouble against Russia in the two regions of Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk.

Zaporizhzhia is a large industrial region in southeastern Ukraine that is home to the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

Donetsk is a major industrial city in eastern Ukraine that is the center of the Donbas region.

The Ukrainian military has made some progress in the south, but it has faced stiff resistance from Russian forces.

The outcome of the counteroffensive is still uncertain, but it is clear that Ukraine is determined to retake the territory that was lost to Russia.