Agency Feature: Minimal Tweaks

Agency Feature: Minimal Tweaks
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Agency Feature: Minimal Tweaks

Who are we? 

Minimal Tweaks is a creative agency with a core focus on utilizing the latest technology to deliver brand experiences through creative strategy, content, and design.

The agency started with the idea of minimalism to tweak the creative industry by getting rid of the elements that limit creativity. This vision led to the provision of tailored brand solutions and a conducive working environment for our creative teams.  

At the heart of our collaborative efforts lies the joy of working on creative endeavours as a team. Two childhood friends started Minimal Tweaks as a bootstrapped creative agency. Over the past three years, we’ve evolved into a team of 20 ambitious marketers, designers, and developers, collaborating with over 50 brands, including well-known names such as CREX, ITC, Cricket Exchange Fantasy, PadCare, and many others, both in India and the USA.

Our team’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements has driven us to become one of the select agencies in India recognized as official Webflow partners. We specialize in providing no-code solutions to our clients in the fields of website development and UI/UX design.

What’s in the name? 

The origin of our name is a fascinating tale. Both founders transitioned from IT to the realm of advertising. The creative industry’s inherent dynamism necessitates a continuous adaptation to the latest technology and trends. What some may label as change, we fondly refer to as “Tweaks.” These subtle yet vital adjustments are an integral part of our digital strategy, ensuring brand relevance. Thus, the name “Minimal Tweaks” was born.

What do we do? 

We are a creative agency that utilizes the power of technology and communication to craft creative strategy and content for our brands on digital mediums.  

Creative Solutions:

Creative Strategy, Social Media Marketing, and Content Creation.

Martech Solutions:

AI in Marketing, UI/UX Design, and Webflow Development.

Why do we do it? 

We firmly believe in the power of minimalistic and thought-provoking communication to create a significant impact. That’s why we choose to collaborate with brands that have the potential to make a profound difference in the lives of many.

Our Co-founder and CEO, Anshul Gupta, identified a gap in the industry while working as a Graphic Designer at an agency. Many agencies seemed to operate merely for the sake of it, leading to burnout for both the brands and the agency’s creative teams. There was a lack of purpose in producing work that was truly thought-provoking and stood out from the crowd. From day one at Minimal Tweaks, we have been dedicated to partnering with high-quality brands that challenge our creativity.

How do we evolve? 

Being a creative agency primarily composed of individuals in their 20s, we place a strong emphasis on embracing experimentation and innovation. From the very beginning, we’ve maintained an open-minded approach to exploring emerging trends in marketing technology. This fosters a culture where anyone within our team is encouraged to introduce fresh and innovative ideas for the brands we collaborate with.

Our approach mirrors that of a football team, where each challenge or match demands a unique strategy and team composition. During our collaboration with CREX, a popular cricket app boasting 80 million users, we encountered a fresh challenge. Specifically, we needed to produce a high volume of content during the IPL and World Cup seasons. Our team closely collaborated with the brand, and together, we explored innovative methods to efficiently create and share reel content without excessive time consumption.

Social responsibility in social media 

When we mention our commitment to collaborating with a brand, we follow a procedure before commencing our partnership. This process is called “client profiling” where we understand and explore the relationship with our clients. One of our distinguished clients, PadCare, was prominently featured on Season 2 of Shark Tank. Their unique and impactful solution, aimed at reducing environmental waste from sanitary pads, garnered investment from all the “sharks.” Our ongoing collaboration with PadCare revolves around elevating their social media presence through content published on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram.

Need of the hour 

Perhaps the most crucial need of the current moment is the authenticity of content. Our Co-founder and CCO, Shubham Mathur believes content creators and brands often chase trends in the quest for virality, leading to an abundance of insincere content. Instead, brands and creators should concentrate on issues and trends that genuinely resonate with them and their audience. However, this doesn’t imply fabricating thoughts on these topics. It’s a concerning time because anything can achieve virality on social media without authenticity.

At Minimal Tweaks, our approach always centers on portraying brands as authentically as possible. We believe that only by doing so can the creative team truly serve the brand and its audience with integrity.

We learned the hard way 

The team with whom you choose to share your ideas holds more significance than the financial investment in those ideas. Many of us in this industry begin as freelancers, which often makes us hesitant to share our earnings with collaborative partners.

Our industry is fundamentally powered by individuals, and their diverse experiences represent the most valuable asset for any agency. Therefore, it’s crucial to assemble a team with a range of experiences to introduce varying perspectives. This diversity of viewpoints is essential for generating the most innovative ideas to enhance your campaigns.

Did we just share that? 

We have several cricket enthusiasts on our team. One of our team members was very active on Twitter during IPL cricket matches. This led to a client in the cricket industry approaching us to manage their social media.

Fast forward almost a year, and we’ve been working with them, achieving a remarkable reach of 120 million during the IPL in 2023.

What’s interesting is that most people use Figma for UI/UX design, but because the sports industry requires a constant flow of real-time content, we developed a Figma-based creative design system. This system enables our marketing team to create various types of content during cricket matches without needing a designer’s assistance.

They work with us

ITC, CREX, Cricket Exchange Fantasy, PadCare, NorthStar Academy, Sockrates,  Dyte, The Open Bootcamp, OnCall, Parentof, MMA Global, Finsense, Bizongo, Artwork Flow, Relay Commerce, Crunchy Cashews, Euro Kids, Shortpedia, Spinbot, SocialTAG, Urban Basics, Noidagram, Jamsfy, and Inform8.

The industry as we foresee 

What’s truly intriguing about social media is that we can’t accurately foresee its evolution in the next five years. It is constantly advancing and expanding itself, causing us to adapt and evolve simultaneously. It’s always changing and expanding. However, one trend we’ve noticed is that social media is becoming more immersive to engage users. Video content is already more popular than still images, and in the future, we expect to see video content being replaced by “spatial” content. This kind of content will be a part of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences that will become increasingly common among the general population.

A day without Internet 

Imagine, if there’s no internet, we’d be out exploring new places, and that’s when our superpower of keen observation kicks in. Being observant is like our secret sauce for brewing awesome ideas.

Our usual “online brainstorming” takes a real-life twist. We gather with the team, scribble ideas on whiteboards, and suddenly, the room transforms into an impromptu game of Pictionary.

What used to be streaming cat videos has evolved into a thrilling round of “Guess That Movie Quote.” And, if things get really creative, we might even invent new board games, like “Social Media Strategist Monopoly” – where instead of buying properties, you snatch up virtual assets with real money. It’s all in a day’s work for us!

Lastly, are you hiring?
We are always open to working with amazing Tweakers in the following roles:

Sr. Copywriter, Business Development Executive, Sr. Creative Strategist, Sr. Graphic Designer, HR and Admin Intern, Graphic Design Intern, Client Servicing Executive.

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