Is Becky Lynch Still The Most Loved Women Superstar In WWE?

Is Becky Lynch Still The Most Loved Women Superstar In WWE?
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Is Becky Lynch Still The Most Loved Women Superstar In WWE?

In the 21st century, WWE began prioritizing women’s wrestling, leading to the emergence of top female stars who captivated fans. Over the last decade, the women’s division has seen a surge in talent, resulting in increased love and admiration for female wrestlers. However, wrestling and gaming enthusiasts are puzzled to find Becky Lynch as the top-rated female superstar in WWE 2K23. So, is she the most loved female superstar on the show?

In the realm of predetermined sports like wrestling, 2K’s WWE title factors in more than just skill, wins, and losses to determine a superstar’s ranking. The developer takes into account elements such as fan support, charisma, and main event appearances when assigning ranks. Despite facing losses and enduring subsequent injuries, Becky Lynch solidified her status as the woman to beat by consistently embodying the desired traits of a top superstar since the last WWE 2K game release.

What Are The Causes For Her Win?

More Exciting Matchups

Over the past year, Becky Lynch impressed in various matches, including a memorable SummerSlam bout with a dislocated shoulder. Despite a hiatus, she returned with a stunning victory. As champion, Bianca Belair faced lacklustre matches against lower-ranked athletes and won via disqualification against higher-ranked opponents, contributing to her lower WWE 2K23 ranking.

More Connected To The Audience

Becky Lynch stands out as one of the most beloved wrestlers, skillfully connecting with the audience through her authentic and relatable personality. Her talent shines during promos, even when playing the “heel,” earning raucous cheers. In contrast, Bianca Belair appears to struggle with the heavily scripted nature of WWE, often coming off as repetitive and insincere, causing shifts in fan allegiance mid-match.

One contributing factor to Lynch’s microphone superiority is her extensive experience, having performed under various gimmicks in independent companies since 2002, while Belair entered the wrestling world in 2016 after leaving the CrossFit competition.

It is safe to assert that Becky is the most loved female superstar on WWE. Reddit streamed with positive responses to the question. After all, we all love stars who have an excellent connections with the audience, and Becky fits perfectly into the bill. 

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