What Happened To Aaron Evans, Kaylor Martin, Serena Page & Kordell Beckham?

What Happened To Aaron Evans, Kaylor Martin, Serena Page & Kordell Beckham?
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What Happened To Aaron Evans, Kaylor Martin, Serena Page & Kordell Beckham?

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains details of the Love Island USA recoupling from Season 6, Episode 22.

After the Casa Amor twist on Love Island USA Season 6, Ariana Madix returned to the villa for a recoupling that would have more fireworks than the 4th of July.

Ahead of the recoupling, Kaylor Martin saw a video of her partner Aaron Evans in Casa Amor getting extra cozy with bombshell Daniela Ortiz-Rivera. The video made Martin spiral downward as she had thought she had a solid bond with Evans.

In addition, the video also affected Serena Page as she was shown her partner, Kordell Beckham, getting intimate under the bed sheets with bombshell Daia McGhee. Page had taken a long time to be vulnerable with Beckham, and seeing the video made her want to cut ties with Beckham for good.

At the recoupling, Islanders in the villa can recouple with one of the bombshells or remain loyal to the person they were with before the twist. The Islanders in Casa Amor also make this decision before their return to the villa not know how their partner voted until they return.

Liv Walker was single before the Casa Amor twist and coupled up with Caine Bacon.

Nicole Jacky was up next and chose to remain with Kendall Washington. Upon his return, Washington returned by himself, choosing to remain with Jacky.

Leah Kateb, coupled with Miguel Harichi, chose to stay loyal to him. However, Harichi brought back Casa Amor girl Sierra Mills, leaving Kateb vulnerable and single.

JaNa Craig chose to remain loyal to Kenny Rodriguez, but opted to recouple with Catherine Marshall from Casa Amor.

Kaylor Martin decided to stay single, knowing Aaron Evans had cozied up with one of the Casa Amor girls. Evans returned to the villa alone, but because Martin opted to remain single, he would also be single.

Rob Rausch was single before heading into Casa Amor and returned to the villa with Daniela Ortiz-Rivera, the girl Evans hooked up with.

Serena Page decided to stay single after seeing the video of Kordell Beckham getting intimate with one of the girls from Casa Amor. Beckham returned to the villa with Daia McGhee after their fiery romance.