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As many as more than hundreds of people gathered to take over the streets in the Hajira region of Rawalakot district in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. They staged voluminous demonstrations against the government.

These people expressed their rage and discontent against unjust tax hikes, a constant and prolonged rise in electricity bills despite prolonged power cuts. They were also against a state-manufactured crisis of essential services in the region.

Demonstrators have called for a total stoppage today, bringing the region to a halt.

Pro-independence groups and nationalist parties also called for freedom from the seizes of Pakistan.

Similar protests have fueled almost entire regions of illegally occupied PoK and Gilgit Baltistan. Locals say while they are being made to pay unexplainably high taxes, the leader’s and bureaucrats’ lives luxuriously.

People in PoK blame Pakistan for exploiting the region for nearly eight decades. They accused the administration of not sharing gains fairly with the people of the region who have a prerogative over the resources of the region.

Sheikh Abdul Rashid, the Chairman of Federation of Realtors said “They should not charge any tax from people of this region. We are ready to give taxes that are just. But we cannot allow them to impose taxes of Rs 5,000 or Rs 10,000 on a bill of Rs 5,000. That’s atrocious. We were promised free electricity by the then President when the Mangala dam was being constructed. Pakistan is already receiving massive benefits from the dam.”

Now they ask to  immediately rollback spikes in tax growth, transparency in pricing mechanisms, swift economic relief measures and immediate redressal of issues related to health and infrastructure.

They have also warned authorities of indefinite strikes and other grave consequences if their demands are not met immediately.

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