Joe Budden’s domestic violence comments sparks debate online

Joe Budden’s domestic violence comments sparks debate online
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Joe Budden’s domestic violence comments sparks debate online

Is this a case of right message, wrong messenger – or the pot calling the kettle black? The internet seemed to have a field day after Joe Budden gave his take on experiences he’s had in a relationship that turned violent. In a recent podcast appearance on Bagfuel, Joey touched on several topics. The one sparking the most controversy was his take on domestic violence from a male perspective.

Here’s What Joe Budden Had To Say About Domestic Violence In A Relationship

In the clip, Joe shares some of his own experiences in the past that highlight women can also be abusive in relationships. He implies men do not know that they are being abused. Budden detailed some instances with ex-girlfriends, saying: “I had an incident one time where me and a lady broke up, and I took the phone back that I bought and was actively paying the bill for. Charges. Charges brought up. I didn’t know that [was stealing] so that was a lesson.” He continues:

“I was in a domestic violence relationship, but we’re men so we don’t know that.”

Watch the entire interview, HERE.

Joe never discloses who he was speaking about in the clips. The video comes less than a month after he was called out by his ex, Tahiry Jose. Tahiry wasn’t having it when Joe weighed in on the viral video showing Diddy assaulting his then-girlfriend, Cassie at a Los Angeles hotel. 

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Social Media Weighs In On Joe Budden’s Comments 

The Shade Room comment section got things crackin’ after Joey shared his views. Here’s what they had to say:

@Justjazzmenblack: “Men being victims & women being villains is the new content flow”

@Eleeeeeeeyahh: “See this is why men don’t share. Tahiri was abusive in live TV and yall dismiss it”

@Amyr: “He absolutely right in what he’s saying 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ idc about the messenger..the MESSAGE is correct”

@QueenWhiteney: “Clearly he’s well versed in this topic because he has soooo many incidents to use as examples. Whew chile the lack of accountability”

@Iamstampedpretii: “Joe be having points but yall dont like him”

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